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Quote from page description: "obat untuk nyeri di seluruh badan yang sudah terbukti ampuh dan efektif dalam mengobati nyeri di badan dengan jelly gamat gold-g"

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The web site is served by the blog host It has the plugin OpenID. It is using the programming language PHP. The site offers a sitemap for search engines. It nutzt Photobucket. It is using the little trick BackgroundImageCache trick. The site offers two feeds. It runs the web server (generisch). It gets a keyword analysis.

Note: the analysis shows what our system assumes to recognize. Mistakes are possible, omissions are quite probable.
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Blog host (blogspot) is Google's freely usable blog service. Some will know the service under its old name blogspot.


What is a blog host?

A blog host is an online service offering blogs. Users can register and start writing their own blogs.

A blog (short for: internet web log) is a publishing platform for authors. Some blogs are rather like an online diary, others serve as an authoritative reference for special topic news. Frequently visisted blogs provide new articles on a daily basis or even more often.

Plugin OpenID

OpenID - ein Nur-Einmal-Anmelden-System

Die Webseite nutzt OpenID, ein offenes Single-Sign-On-Sytem (deutsch ungefähr: Nur-Einmal-Anmelden-System). OpenID hat zum Ziel, dass Sie sich nicht überall neu registrieren müssen, sondern nur einmal bei einer beliebigen Seite mit OpenID-Unterstützung. Wie funktioniert OpenID aus Benutzersicht?


Plugins, extensions, patches

The category plugins is used for all kind of extensions of a web application or CMS system. Modern web applications are modular and offer software interfaces, allowing an independent development of new features. Some systems have an enormous amount of plugins. The blog software WordPress e.g. has more than 3000 plugins registered as of 2008, november.

Plugins can seldom be detected from outside. Our list will therefore most likely be incomplete.

Various - PHP

PHP - web programming language

PHP is the most frequently used programming language for web applications. Most of the web content management systems (web CMSs) are programmed in PHP.

PHP is freely available under a number of free licenses.


Various - Sitemap

Sitemap - the site is offering a sitemap for search engines

A sitemap for search engines is a listing of all pages of a web site. It is encoded according the the Sitemaps XML Protocol. A sitemaps helps the search engines to learn quickly which pages exist and when they were changed. This helps to produce better search results.

Search engines learn about a sitemap usually by one of the following ways:

  1. An entry in a site's robots.txt control file. This is a central configuration for all search engines. The robots.txt file gets a line with the address of the sitemap as follows: Sitemap:
  2. Ping a search engine. You need to ping each search engine seperately at its ping interface address. Possible advantage: you control, which engines are going to see your sitemap and which don't.

The sitemap finds at:


Various items

The category various collects noteworthy features of a web site, which aren't fitting into another category.

Imagehost Photobucket

Photobucket - Image-Hoster

Bei Photobucket können Sie Bilder online abspeichern und online darauf zugreifen.



<no description yet>

Hints BackgroundImageCache

BackgroundImageCache - workaround for an IE6 bug

In some situations Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 will reload a background image each time the mouse is entering or leaving its area. As a result the image flickers and the web server gets unnecessarily stressed. The workaround is to activate the background-image cache with JavaScript for IE6. You could do it like this:

    try {
    } catch(err) { }

Little hints

A good deal of being a webmaster or webmistress is the knowledge of details. Most sites are using the one or other little trick to yield a specifically good user interface, to get better search engine rankings or to run the site more efficiently.

feed - Atom

Title of the atom feed: Obat Nyeri Di Seluruh Badan - Atom

feed - RSS

Title of the RSS feed: Obat Nyeri Di Seluruh Badan - RSS

What are feeds?

Internet feeds are the common name for a kind of news ticker. It is actually a collection of articles in a specific technical format. Feed reader programs are polling these articles in regular intervals. Some will load their feeds directly from the source, other will load them from a central news collector (feed aggregator). The most commonly used feed formats are RSS and the newer standard Atom.

Web server (generisch)

Web server hello text: GSE

What is a web server?

As soon as you load a website with you browser you have been practically communicating with a web server. Your browser has sent the address of the site you want to visit to a web server system belonging to the address. The web server then collected the content for this address and delivered it to your browser.

The most commonly used web server is the free system Apache HTTP (version 1 and 2). It is followed by various versions of Microsofts commercial Webserver IIS.


SEO Keywords


The keyword analysis is examining the frequency of the words on a web page together with their location.

This page consists of 2881 words in page text, page title, page description and the page's URL. Of these count 2707 as keywords. Please note: the keywords from a potential meta keywords entry are ignored. The 20 keywords and key phrases (of upto five words) most frequently used on this page are:

29yang1.2% 1
28dan1.1% 1 12
26nyeri1.1% 12112
20badan0.8% 22112
18untuk0.8% 1
16pegal0.7% 2 13
15obat0.7% 11111
14dengan0.6% 1
14no rekening0.6%

SEO - onsite information

The topic SEO (search engine optimization) gets information about the onsite structure of web sites. It gives you valuable knowledge to optimize the structure of a web site to be better found by the search engines.

On site optimization is a specific part of SEO. It deals about a good legibility and link structure of a site. Common tips are e.g. to use good headlines and well formulated individual page descriptions, to use 'clean' URLs and to concipate a sound internal linking structure.