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25. November 2008

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WebmasterCoffee is rendering services as a public online meta browser. The difference to an ordinary browser: our meta browser is regarding the meta content of a page, rather than its content. WebmasterCoffee is seeking answers to typical questions about a site. What kind of application is it running? Which scripts are applied, which style is in effect? Which advertising platform is utilized?

Webmasters and webmistresses are using our service to learn a few tricks from other webmasters. The public audience is using our services to learn more about the general structure of a website.

Access Policy

WebmasterCoffee is neither a crawler, nor a search engine. WebmasterCoffee is instructed to behave well with your resources and not to cause a mentionable system load on your site. As an ordinary browser our online meta browser will load the page and potentially ressources attached (stylesheets, scripts, images). It will make its analysis based on that data.

Our system is applying caching mechanisms to reduce the load of your system even further. However, the user might decide to update the cache. We do limit the number of site accesses per time. Within a period of 20 seconds we prevent our system from accessing the same domain again. Finally we do limit the number of accesses for a single IP address for a certain period of time.

Theory of Onsite Analyis

The theory of our onsite analysis is simple. Our system is loading the ressources of a URL like any other browser. The ressources are filtered by a piece of software. The result of the analysis is displayed to the user. To your site a request from WebmasterCoffee will look like any ordinary browser access. The only exception is, that once in a day the WebmasterCoffee-Bot will ask for robots.txt:


WebmasterCoffee respects the policies for automated programs. You can easily block our Bot by updating your robots.txt control file. The following example will prevent WebmasterCoffee-Bot from accessing the path “/private” on your site:

User-agent: WebmasterCoffee
Disallow: /private
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